About Us

Paragon Parking, Inc. is a locally-owned and family-operated parking company that specializes in running small, attendant-style parking lots and garages in Downtown Los Angeles. 

Paragon Parking presently operates multiple “niche” parking properties in Downtown Los Angeles. Paragon Parking’s principal, Richard N. Dane, started the company in 1999 after a 22-year career at Allright Parking Corporation.  Richard’s son, Nathan Dane, runs the day-to-day operations and is very hands-on with the company.  At Paragon Parking, we understand it can be a hassle to find affordable and convenient parking in Downtown LA.  All of our parking lots are competitively priced and in the most convenient areas of Downtown.  We pride ourselves in offering exceptional customer service which starts from our lot attendants and extends all the way up to our management.